TRACING COMMUNITY invites the public to be both spectator and participant, audience and artist.

Mirrors reflect our unique facial features. When a number of us are grouped together in a specific geographic area we become a community. By having people trace their images onto mirrors, side by side, we reinforce the idea of being individuals and at the same time part of a larger community. And we can go one step further. We can walk in our neighbor's proverbial shoes. In this case we can look into the outlines of our neighbors face.

Mirrors are installed in an area where people can stand comfortably and use markers to trace their faces directly onto the surface. When the mirrors are filled with faces, photographs are taken to document the tracings and featured on this blog (scroll down). Room for new faces are made by wiping off one drawing allowing for the next person to become part of this evolving art work.

Send your photos from Tracing Community to Include the person's name on the jpeg file, or in the body of the message, if you'd like.

Use this link for installation and reception photographs.